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                             Attorney Eric W. Symonds

My primary areas of practice are Family Law and Criminal Defense. However, I have successfully represented several individuals in matters concerning Civil Law, and I have twice successfully defended lawsuits against a corporation located here in Lancaster.


I am frequently appointed by the Superior Court to defend individuals facing contempt charges in Family Law matters, (e.g. Parent is supposed to bring the children back on Tuesday at 9:00 am and fails to do so until Wednesday at 5:00 pm. Technically, this can be punishable as contempt of court by up to five days in jail for every offense.)


I graduated from Glendale University College of Law, an outstanding institution accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. I have earned academic awards in the fields of: Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Pretrial Process, and Conflicts of Law. My under-graduate degree is a Bachelor of Science of Business Management.


My practice to this point has grown entirely on word-of-mouth referrals, the best advertisement possible. I represent each and every client with the understanding that their particular legal issue potentially has far-reaching consequences in their lives and the lives of their families and loved ones. My clients place a great deal of trust in me and I am honored when I’m recommended to their friends and family members. You will find that my fees and billing practices are very competitive and fair. My hourly rate is substantially less than my competition here in the Antelope Valley and less than half of some of the larger law firms downtown. When I first started out I would tell my clients to, “get in with me now, while I’m still new and they’re still laughing at me.” Well, I am not so new anymore and they haven’t laughed in quite a while. I’ve kept my hourly rate as low as possible in order to reach out to as many of my neighbors as possible. I know times are hard on everyone right now; I also know that legal representation is vital to the success of your case. I do my best to make my services affordable and money well-spent.


When I appear at counsel table in a family law matter, I know that the orders the court makes will stay with these parties for many years and has an impact on their children and their entire lives in general from that point forward. Because of this, I work diligently to ensure that the interests of my client are represented ethically and aggressively. I know that he or she will have to live with the consequences of those orders long after the court room closes; I take this very seriously.


When someone comes to me for representation in a criminal matter, I understand that his or her liberty is at stake. A criminal record can be devastating to one’s personal life and relationships, employment possibilities, and personal freedoms. Everyone deserves all the rights and privileges afforded under the law. The confidence that one places in a defense attorney is tremendous. I realize that and work diligently to see the best possible results for everyone who entrusts their defense to me.



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